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<Issue 002>Innoracer - Excellent Line Tracer for education and competition

       Are you looking for an excellent curriculum integrating from the basics to advanced line tracer knowledge? Are you looking for an excellent line tracer which is suitable for related competitions? Are you looking for featured topics for your lab? 

 Innovati’s Innoracer meets your needs just perfectly 
and you don’t want to miss it. 

                 1.   Check out the video clips and you’ll find Innoracer’s excellent 
                     performance in line tracing. It’s a great choice for line tracer 

              2.    Easy-to-use Object-oriented commands help you integrate 
                      the hardware control and software algorithm step by step 
                      to learn from the basics to the advanced control skill. 

              3.   Example program codes in our unique InnoBasic statements 
                     are provided. No matter you’re green horns or pros, you’ll 
                     understand the control skills through the sample programs 

                  4.   An 18-week curriculum for high school or institutes are available 
                      which includes the rudiments of basic control to higher level 
                      control algorithm. With the knowledge learned in the classroom, 
                      students are ready for competitions.

                  Curriculum Outlines


                         Chapter 1: Introduction to BASIC Commander  System

                         Chapter 2: Introduction to the InnoRacer

                         Chapter 3: Introduction to the innoBASIC Language

                         Chapter 4: LEDs, buttons and Buzzer 
                         Chapter 5: Motors, digital and analog IR Control

                         Chapter 6: Basic IR Line Tracing

                         Chapter 7: PID Algorithm and Control Practice

                         Chapter 8: Built-in Digital and Analog IR PID Control 
                         Chapter 9: Accelerometer

                         Chapter 10: EEPROM Access

                         Chapter 11: Route Memorization

                         Chapter 12: Memorization Log file Analysis

                         Chapter 13: Acceleration Speed Control
                         Chapter 14: InnoRacer Integrated Control Practice

                                      Practice 1: InnoRacer Integrated Control Practice I
Practice 2: InnoRacer Integrated Control Practice II
Practice 3: InnoRacer Integrated Control Practice III

                         Note that the Curriculum is available in Chinese Edition, 
               please contact us for other language options and their availability.

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