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<Issue 001> Innovati’s Smart Modules now available 
with standard I2C protocol

           In addition to the easy-to-use yet powerful smart modules collaborating with BASIC Commander system, do you want to expand these fantastic modules for popular controllers, such as 8051, Arduino and BASIC Stamp? By supporting the standard I2C protocol, now Innovati’s whole smart modules range can be used by various controllers. This not only enables the basic communication study in class, but also enriches the functionality for various projects. 


           It can be controlled by 8051, Arduino, Basic stamp and other micro controllers ...etc.

            More than 30 Smart Modules featured with handy commands are ready for your projects. 

         By setting different I2C IDs with the DIP switch on the modules, up to 32 modules can be connected to your I2C Bus for simple to complicated applications.

Please check the Command Set within each Smart Module Manual for I2C command details.
Experience our smart modules now! 


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